Background of Samut Sakhon Province
From historical evidence. City Samut origin from a small village located in the area. Mouth the most complete. In the Ayutthaya period. The bark from China. And U in order to dock to exchange traded products. Become a large community. This is called community portals that house and the Chinese name Chinese river situation to date.
About the year 2099 Buddhist era Ayutthaya period. Her emperor. Please head graciously. Announced that China is in the home portal infrastructure Crburi. To the next checkpoint to prevent marine enemies.
Late Ayutthaya period. Perry King seeding Beach Ys 8 or Lord Tiger. Tour has come. The city's infrastructure Crburi Khok Kham canal boat come through. This is a winding canal. Royal yacht people with less bow and stick. With integrity in the page. Loyalty to God and the king retained the king's law. Thousand Nrsinghs end. Royal yacht steersman. Obtain capital punishment. 1 year after tragedy God has Tiger. Shortcuts to dig a canal from Thonburi. To say River City's infrastructure Crburi called called "Canal Snamachi" later changed to "Mahachai Canal" and the larger community around the canal mouth. That designation. Mahachai city or Mahachai market today.
Rama 4 session, please head to create a fortress city infrastructure Crburi. Royal called. Fort Cho k a diamond. And to rename the city's infrastructure is in Samut Crburi.
On March 18 Buddhist era 2448 king Rama 5 in Samut Sakhon. He is fiat. Sanitation situation is established Thailand's first. Rama 6 times please head rename the city is different provinces throughout the country on December 9, 2459 Please head to change sanitary district sanitation situation is Tar chalorm